CuVRball is an online multiplayer action game that is easy to learn and fun to play.  It offers full 3 dimensional artificial locomotion that is specifically designed to minimize motion sickness with smooth acceleration, collision avoidance, and easy controls.
The action is  action right off the bat, no need to memorize builds, maps, or weapons. Just jump in and have fun.  There are included tutorials to help you learn the game, and also a spectator mode so you can observe if you want to watch others play.
Team based game play allows you to play with your current friends, and make new ones.  And Discord support allows you to find teammates, organize play times, and talk directly with the developer allowing you to shape the game.
CuVRball is simple to learn, but hard to master.  It offers a high skill cap to enable many hours of enjoyment.  However, even if you are not the highest skilled player, you can still contribute to the team and have a fun time. Just get in there, blow stuff up, and make some friends.

Introduction to the Launcher

Menus, options, and customization

Introduction to Movement


Introduction to Matchmaking and Menus