Hello all,

The big announcement is that I have reworked my game structure.  The base game is now free to play for 2 hours.  There will occasionally be free weekends as well.  After the trial expires, you can still make games, join games, and spectate, but you can no longer join a team.  

If you want to support further game development, please buy the DLC which provides unlimited game access.

If you have already purchased the game, then you automatically have the DLC, so you don't need to buy it again.

Expect the changes to go live some time this afternoon.

Beyond that, some improvements and fixes:

-added re-centering and floor level compensation tools.  So if your play space in steam VR doesn't match your room, you can adjust it in game.

-added super sampling option under visuals

-did a bit more work with grenade launching and minimum ball hold times.  The game should now feel a bit faster, and give more of a defender's advantage.

-changed the way trigger holding effects the shot, so it will pull all the way back prior to using boost.

-fixed the bug where the game wouldn't start with full teams

-bunch of code optimizations to improve performance.

Next on list:
-new models
-better integrated voice

DevBlog #6